19, Full time student of architecture at Academy of Art, part time face melter. #showmeyourtrails

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"Festivals are my home, Ravers are my family."


I’m not so confident anymore. When I meet a girl, I kind of lost whatever confidence I had. All I imagine in my head is a repetition of “I wish I had never met you, I wish we never happened, and I wish you never existed." It’s like my mind knows that whatever happens the conclusion will always be the same.

The same three phrases. The same three ending. 

That’s not me…

That’s what I tell myself everytime I look in the mirror and see a monster smiling back.

Anonymous asked
Do you want to move out to Seoul

if I have a guarantee of having a job with a good payroll…maybe.

Anonymous asked
Omggg jinjaa ? How was your trip

it was relaxing….good to kind of have a change of environment. why are you anon? LOL

That’s another motivation.

One day I’m going to make it and the first thing I’m going to do is move the fuck out of this city. I’m just so done with this place in so many ways.

I guess you could say that’s karma~

Anonymous asked
Where were you!

South Korea!

Anonymous asked
Oh ! You're alive

yes I’m alive.

Dash Berlin.

He’s your favorite and now he’s mine too. As long as you’re next to me I’ll always down to see him even if it means we have to go on a road trip. It was amazing seeing him and dancing with you like idiots. It’s been awhile since I felt naturally high off of music like I used to when I first raved. Just getting to that point surprised me and the weird thing is once all the alcohol wore off I reached a point that I haven’t felt since beyond wonderland two years ago. Tearing up to his set…..was weird. Honestly I could say it was the best event I’ve ever been to. It beats edc 2013 and everything I’ve been to and it excites me that I still have a shit ton more events to go to with you. 

I do love you. It’s the first time I’ve genuinely felt that no matter what I will always have someone that loves me and I never ever want to lose it. 

I genuinely do believe that all I need in this life is you.

Disrespecting my girl,

Don’t ever fucking do it. Not even as a joke. I don’t care even if it’s a joke. She has the patience to deal with me. After seeing the worst of me she’s still around to hold my hand at the end of the day. She knows the demons I deal with and instead of giving up she pulls me along telling me to get up. Even when her world is crumbling down, she knows how much I worry and still tries to put a smile on. 

So what gives you the fucking right to put her down? Don’t look fucking surprised when you see anger in my eyes. Don’t act surprised and yell out when my hands are trying to end you. My anger doesn’t have a limit and it might end with your life on the line.

To me she’s my queen, and from where I’m from, we protect our queens. I will protect her pride with my life. Don’t mess with her.






Just need one more session of group therapy before I die. 

so you can cry your heart out again?

yeah, only time I ever cried out of happiness. 

patiently waiting for Sander Van Doorn to go back to trance…so I can cry my heart out to. Teared up during his set sober….now I got the extra illegal push.

Im down to give sander another shot at making me sob

Patiently waiting….will wait a whole lifetime for that moment.